Verizon Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Verizon Login:

Try to log in to your Verizon Account using these steps:

1. Before accessing the log in page of Verizon, you must first copy this link in your Internet Browser:

2. You should be able to see now a log in panel which consists of two log in fields. Enter your personal Verizon User ID on the text field provided in the page.

3. Next, input your Verizon password on the second text area.

4. You may finish the whole log in process of Verizon by clicking the Sign In link below.



The simplest steps to reset your account credentials:

1. Remember that you will need to be at the log in page of Verizon in order to proceed.

2. Look below the Sign In link and you will notice some links that are related with the log in process. Click this particular link found below: Forgot user ID or password? 

3. Identify the account information you forgot by choosing in the provided options:

User ID


User Id and Password

4. Then, you may now click the Continue button. After that, you will be requested to provide some details regarding your account.